Most, if not all of us, have an image of what we think heaven will look like. We know what the Bible says about golden streets, pearly gates, jeweled walls, mansions and more. I believe all those things but I also believe heaven is much more than that.

The current sermon series we are in… The Armor of God… it deals with where the origin of the battle occurs – In Heavenly Places. The invisible place where God’s army squares off with Satan’s army and battle. The battle that rages there, is a battle for your life. A battle to own you. A battle to see who will be the Lord of your life.

How this battle comes to the physical is different and dependent upon the enemy and us. The enemy will bring the heavenly battle here in ways that are best designed (as Satan sees fit) to defeat you…emotionally… physically… mentally…

For we who know God, we have protection. It is found in wearing the correct attire. What keeps this attire on us and on us in the right way is prayer (the topic of this week and next weeks messages). I ask you to join us in seeing if our prayers reach heavenly places.

My hope it to show you, through scripture, the importance of biblical prayer.

I am convinced that when the disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray, that one question may be the most important question any Christian can ask of God.

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Recently the church voted to upgrade my auto. The paperwork transfer has been completed, the vehicle is in getting a once over before I put it on the road. I wish to thank the church for this possibility. The vehicle I presently drive is a good vehicle. I enjoy it and in some ways will miss her. With this decision from the church to replace my 2007 Toyota Fortuner with a 2013 Ford Edge means someone will be getting the opportunity to own a very good second hand SUV.

If you have a serious interest in owning this car, driven by your pastor (that should make the value go up – lol) please see me. As soon as I take possession of the Ford, I will be putting this vehicle in the hands of someone who will sell it for us. If you have questions about it, send me an email.


I will be having what I hope to be the final surgery of this ordeal. It has been a crazy year dealing with this infection. I praise the Living God who has brought Pam and I through this with a gentle and steady hand.

My surgery is scheduled for sometime Monday. I should be out on or before Thursday and be ready to go on Friday. I do not want to miss Part 2 of this message on prayer.


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This will impact all of us in many ways and we are trusting our Lord to carry us through this time and seeking to be faithful in our witness.

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