YOUR PASTOR’S PERSPECTIVE and a few more things…

It is not often your pastor gets to sit and experience our worship from your perspective. This week, I did. This week, I was blessed and continue to live being shown, from God, the blessed truths of redeeming the time. First, and again, I want to thank Laike for being the man who walks before God, loving the Word of God and ready to share it when God gives opportunity. Not only did God cause Laike to agree to fill the pulpit, God used Laike to speak to this pastor’s heart.

In the selected passage Laike preached from (Ephesians 5:15-16), The two words needed to be understood were presented clearly.

Redeemexagorazō – (gk) – Making the most of every opportunity… Grabbing the opportunity

Timekairos (gk) – an appointed time (ex. Harvest)

As I continue to ponder the message and seek its deeper meaning for me as a person, I also seek to

how I can share these thoughts to encourage the body of Christ at EBCI and beyond.

So… Here it goes… This preacher’s perspectives…

There is a time for everything according to God. Read Ecclesiastes 3 and look at the list. Also note that the Hebrew word for time (eth – has basically the same meaning as kairos in gk) Though the list is not all inclusive of every specific thing we might face or do in life, it is a sampling of things to make the point that there is a time for _____________ and a time for ___________ . Let me take the previous sentence and fill it in with one example.

… there is a time for the church to gather and a time for the church to live apart.

With that stated, we must then understand that God has a plan for every one of us who gather with other believers in corporate worship in our church. That plan, as stated, is God’s plan for each of us. I will give you three specific things which are in God’s plan for you, every time we gather together, and His Word is delivered through preaching or teaching.

  • It is a time to ListenHe who has an ear, let him hear. Multiple references in the gospels from Christ Himself.
  • It is a time to LearnFor everything that was written in the past was written for our instruction, so that through endurance and the encouragement of the Scriptures, we might have hope. Romans 15:4
  • It is a time to Respond – Look at these verses from Psalm 119…

o   The arrogant constantly ridicule me, but I do not turn away from Your instruction. v. 51

o   I do not turn aside from your rules, for you have taught me. v. 102

o   The wicked have laid a snare for me but I do not stray or wander from your precepts. v. 110

o   I’ve thought about my ways and turned my steps back to your decrees. v. 59

So, the basic truth we can glean from our Friday experience is that every week, every Christian, needs to come away with something from God which builds their Christian character. If we do church God’s way, we are guaranteed a blessing from the experience.

I know, for me, that I spend six days redeeming the time to share with you what God has said and to do that all within the confines of a set time (khronos – gk) on Friday. When I redeem the time correctly, the experience of God’s perfect blessings are more apparent. When you redeem your Friday time correctly, the blessings are yours to know.

PART 2 – How does a believer approach the chaos in life that seems to win more than lose in our lives?


I am seeking a way to speak to each of you on a more personal and intimate level.  I know this cannot be done in a physical way but I believe it can be done in a spiritual way. Here are a few things I am asking you to pray for and maybe help with.

1 – Pray that I blog as the Lord leads. I know there are times I have things that need to be shared and then there are times I probably just need to remain quiet. Pray that I completely understand God’s timing and message, not only for Fridays’ but other days during the week as He leads.

2 – Help me set up a pod cast. Everyone is not a reader, some do not have time or opportunity to stop and read but they might have time to listen as they go. There is a way to do this through my google account but not being an IT specialist I had no idea what the instructions were when I watched the YouTube video on how to set it up.

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